Spiritual Cynic- A Walking Contradiction

It’s often been pointed out to me that I’m a walking contradiction; guilty of being both ‘hippier than thou’ — a true new age ‘woo woo’ believer– AND a harsh and unforgiving critic of the ‘New Age’.  I chalk it up to my personal duality. I love to play in the dark and then transmute it into light. At my best, I do it well. At my worst, I’m a whiney, complaining biyatch. You will likely see both aspects of me here.

There are so many things that are ridiculous about my woo woo brethren and the things that they believe. And yet, I believe in, and worship all the same things; Ganesh, aliens, cranial/sacral therapy, açaí… You name it, and I’ve likely tried it and extolled its virtues. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t also find these things hilarious and ridiculous. So, in an attempt to explore the dichotomy within myself, I’d like to get my thoughts out so that maybe a personal integration becomes possible.

I also intend to explore my own personal journey of deepening into presence and acceptance.

I’m sure, like all best laid plans, there will be major detours and I’ll probably get lost somewhere along the way.  But for the most part, I’m excited to explore the weird, beneficial and hypocritical aspects of all things new age: From Ayurveda to Ayahuasca, Alien Abjuction to Ecstatic Dance, and Bigfoot to Orgasmic Meditation.  More for my own sake than anyone else’s, but if someone happens to be paying attention, thank you and I look forward to getting lost (and found) on this journey with you.

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